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Head, hand, Heart: reflections on a practice

Head hand heart

12 March to 18 May 2013

Internationally recognised calligraphers Ann Hechle and Ewan Clayton draw on the ground breaking work of Edward Johnston, CBE, and his protégé Irene Wellington in their inspiring new exhibition Head, Hand, Heart: reflections on a practice. The exhibition opens 12 March until 18 May 2013 at the Crafts Study Centre in Farnham, Surrey and will feature work from all four artists.

Using the Crafts Study Centre's calligraphy collections as a point of reference Ann Hechle and Ewan Clayton reflect on the lives and work of these pioneers and discover how various aspects of their practice are present ‐ and transformed ‐ within their own work today.

"We are seeking to reveal some elements of the creative process and how the work of Johnston and Wellington influence today's leading calligraphers," explained Jean Vacher, Curator. "As such the exhibition will have a deeply personal context as well as act as meditation on the creative relationship between makers in the development of contemporary calligraphy."

"What Ewan and I have noticed is the importance of process in the work of Johnston and Wellington; the work has a hinterland ‐ so that the finished piece is a result not an aim," commented Ann Hechle. "This is true not just for an individual piece ‐ but for how the work evolves from their lives. Work and lives are integral to each other. Each had a highly developed ‐ though individually different ‐ personal philosophy which supported their practice; and perhaps it is this fact that can be reflected on and renewed by succeeding generations in their own way, and for their own times." Ewan Clayton added: "It is a great opportunity to explore how things are passed on from one generation to another in a way that gives life rather than carrying a burden of expectations."

The exhibition will also reflect on the nature of teaching and learning and the growth of the independent artistic voice. An illustrated catalogue will be published by the Crafts Study Centre with the generous support of The International Calligraphy Centre at the University of Sunderland.

Artist's talk

Wednesday 10 April 2013

530 to 700pm

Tickets £5.00 to include a glass of wine. The talk starts at 600pm. Tickets for the talk must be paid for in advance and numbers are strictly limited.

A conversation between Ann Hechle and Ewan Clayton introduced by Curator Jean Vacher.