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Crafts Study Centre works with local schools

Press release

29 June 2005 - The Crafts Study Centre (CSC), based at the University College for the Creative Arts, is working with Hale County Primary School in Farnham to introduce pupils to calligraphy, and to give them first-hand experience of using the latest digital technologies.

Taking place on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 July at the Crafts Study Centre, the pupils will explore the collection's fine examples of calligraphy before trying out the technique for themselves. Pupils will then take digital photographs of their work and see how they are processed on computer.

This outreach venture is part of the Headley Trust Project, which aims to make the collections at the Crafts Study Centre more accessible through their digitisation, and which is funded by a grant from local charity, The Farnham South Street Trust.

Commenting on the venture, Professor Simon Olding, Director of the Crafts Study Centre, said: "We hope that the event will both introduce the children to calligraphy and give them a practical sense of what is involved in hand-lettering. We are particularly excited that we are able to allow them to experiment with the digitisation of their work, which is at the forefront of archiving and accessibility practices in museums and is rapidly becoming an indispensable part of young people's lives."