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Henry Hammond

Left - HA.744.1, Right - HA.2576

The Henry Hammond Collection by Sophie Heath

This essay introduces the life and work of the celebrated potter and teacher Henry Hammond. Presented in four main sections: Life, Craft, Connections and Teaching, each is illustrated with examples of his work and items from his archive held at the Crafts Study Centre. The essay was developed through a collaboration between the Centre and the Henry Hammond Memorial Trust who have generously sponsored its preparation. The essay provides a gateway to the primary evidence stored at the Crafts Study Centre. The Trust and the Centre hope they will become the core of an expanding resource accumulating knowledge of Henry Hammond and his practice. P.89.4

Henry Hammond is one of the quieter figures of 20th century British studio pottery but he was no less complex than his contemporaries, nor less dedicated to his craft.  He led a long and successful career as a potter and a teacher of potters at the art school in Farnham where he worked from the completion of his war service in 1946 until 1979. For much of this period Hammond had his pottery workshop in nearby Bentley, which after 1954 was a joint studio with Paul Barron, his equally committed colleague at the West Surrey College of Art and Design.

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