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Left - textile archives, Right - Susan Bosence 2001.3.69

Ancient techniques, innovation, inspiration

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Our textile collections represent some of Britain's most outstanding names in the modern crafts movement. Noted for a commitment to reviving ancient techniques in the production of handcrafted textiles, combined with an innovative approach to their making, this 20th century movement was led by such figures as Barron and Larcher in print and Ethel Mairet in weave.

We hold historic textiles collected by these makers for inspiration and study, providing us with a glimpse into the early decades of the 1900s where foreign travel, culture and textiles played an important role in the embryonic modern crafts movement. An understanding of this period in the crafts is supported further by the archives of many of these makers, ranging from Barron and Larcher to Ethel Mairet and Rita Beales. Photographs, correspondence and letters, dye and weave recipe books, trade and exhibition catalogues and a large bank of textile samples tell the complex story about both the making process and social crafts networks of this period.

Peter Collingwood Peter Collingwood Charitable Trust Fund

Following the death of Peter Collingwood his family have set up a trust in his name. 'The Peter Collingwood Trust Fund'. Peter was known for his innovative approach to weaving and we hope that the trust will encourage people to keep pushing the boundaries and discover the 'next new thing' Each year the trust will award a grant of £1000 to the person that has shown the most innovation relating to a loom based textile. Applicants are asked to submit up to 6 images (300dpi) and supporting text of not more than 500 words by 31st July 2010 to:-
Peter Collingwood charitable trust, Old School, Nayland, Colchester, Essex CO6 4JH
The successful applicant will be notified by 31st August - We regret that we will be unable to return any c.d's, photo's or text sent by applicants

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